Sunny Protecttion

Sunny Protecttion

We are used to hearing about the dangers of sun exposure and the need to protect. While this is true all year round it is especially important in the summer or when we are on holiday as the sun may be stronger than we are used to.

Living in Britain we are so un-used to seeing the sun that when it does makes an appearance it can be so easy to get caught up in the rush to enjoy it before it goes, that we forget the all important sun cream.

Getting sun burnt at the beginning of a holiday or the summer is no fun, not only is it bad for you, it’s painful and instead of sporting a healthy glow  we end up looking like a lizard mid sink shed … yuk.

So whether your enjoying summer here or somewhere even hotter it’s important to stay well protected. Remember we need protection from both UVA and UVB,  A is for aging B is for burning.

Here are our top picks to get you through the summer enjoyably.

The skin on our face is delicate, even if we don’t burn unprotected exposure to sun can cause damage, sun spots and wrinkles. However  some sun creams, especially the higher factor ones, can also cause a breakout, which again is the last thing we want.

Well Clinique have the answer.

Clinique City Block or Clinique Super City Block  is available in two factors, 25 and 40. Its light and oil free consistency is non greasy and won’t clog your skin meaning less break outs. The light tint means it can be worn on its own or under makeup and the two factors gives you flexibility whether your after everyday protection or something a little stronger.

Both are available from Debenhams so don’t forget to use your beauty card and collect point as well.

 “Wouldn’t be without it. “







 “absolutely brilliant – easy to use, great protection – really improves my skin – absolutely love it.”







Alternatively an easy way to stay protected every day is to use a moisturizers that offer an SPF in it. Olay offers a cost effective way of protecting your skin with Olay Total Effects SPF 30  not only does it provide a high SPF but it also is anti ageing, win win. Available from Boots you’ll get advantage points too.

 ‘It’s Olay’s smart approach in one single step for youthful, healthier looking skin that can better stand the test of time.’






With heatwaves making headlines across Europe if your heading there for a holiday you can be sure its going to be a hot one. But staring at a wall of various creams of all different factors can be confusing not to mention expensive.   Boots have fantastic range of sun creams packs for the whole family.

Soltan holiday pack provides all round cover with a factor 30 and 15 plus the all important after sun to keep that tan glowing.

If you’ve got children on holiday with you then Boots Soltan Family essentials pack has everything you could need.

Anyone who has ever suffered from prickly heat rash will tell you how unpleasant it is, unfortunately there is not much that can be done about it but an allergy sun cream might well help. Piz Buin provide sun cream for allergy sufferers in a range of factors, they even have their tan enhancing sun cream available for those delicate ones

So you can enjoy summer with peace of mind… and skin. xx


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