Skin Care for Life

Skin Care for Life

Cleanse, Tone Moisturize, the trinity of skincare.

Through my 20’s I’d barely even managed the moisturize, I’d wash my face with water and sometimes moisturize. My skin was great so my conclusion, cleanse tone moisturize must be a commercial money making ploy, right? Wrong!

By my 30’s I had finally realized that it takes more than a bit of cream once a week to keep your skin happy and healthy.

It was one February when my skin had decided it wasn’t happy with anything in life it was dry and greasy at the same time and in the same place, I couldn’t get make up to on without it either sliding off or flaking off my face.

In fairness to myself I did tried to develop a proper skin care regime but it was just so hard to know what? It was’t that I couldn’t be bothered but there was so much choice, it was so confusing.

So one day I took the plunge and approached Clinique in my local Debenhams.

I quickly realized how bad my skin care was, for a start I’d always thought the cleanse in cleanse, tone, moisturize was taking your make up off, Wrong! The cleanse actually takes place after taking your makeup off, who knew? I also learn that having last exfoliated my face approximately 20 years ago, during a teenage sleep over, probably wasn’t enough.

So the nice lady in Clinique helped me to work out my skin type and then showed me what I needed in their 1,2,3 step.

A mild liquid soap, a cleansing lotion (which the lady explained to me is a mild daily exfoliator and also works as my toner) and finally their dramatically different moisturizer.

If like me your reluctant to spend out all that money without knowing if it really will work then you could do what I did.  I bought a travel size kit that was approximately £20, so while not cheap, it was a lot cheaper than buying full size bottles straight away. They are much bigger than tester sizes so by the time you’ve used it up you’ll know if it works for you.

The thing about Clinique one step is it really does work and because it works the cost becomes a lot more relative. I noticed a difference very quickly and I haven’t gone back, my skin went from unmanageable to more than manageable, it was good.

However if spending more on skin care than you would on food leaves you feeling a little unwell then there are other products available.

Also I’ve added in a few other skin care items to my routine that have been very beneficial.

As I learnt make up must be removed before any skin care regime starts.

Micellar water is recommended by beauty experts and over the years has a developed a strong following. There are loads out there Garnier, Niver and Simple to name a few. Micellar water is a light cleansing water that removes makeup including eye makeup without drying out your skin, it makes a great start to your daily skin care regime.

Garnier Micellar water is a budget friendly make up remover that gentle cleanses away makeup.







Now your makeup is removed next is the cleanse part.

If your after a cleanser that is effective and reasonably priced try one of these two.

Simple foaming cleanser is a value for money gentle cleanser that will cleanse impurities without drying out your skin.








Dove Beauty Cream Bar has long been regarded as one of the best value skin care products, mild and kind it is gentle enough to use on your face and is often recommended by people with sensitive skin as an ideal cleanser

Dove beauty cream bar is available most places for under a £1, skin care on a budget doesn’t get better than this.





If you love Soap and Glory products try their pore purifying foam cleanser.

Toner is probably the part of the skin care that gets forgotten the most but it is still really important.

Toners do several jobs,  they finish off cleansing making sure any residual impurities are gone. They help to tighten pores and reduce the appearance of large pores, they also help to restore PH balance to your skin that could be damaged from cleansers and finally a good toner will help protect your skin from damaging environmental factors.

Garnier Rose Water toner is a value for money toner for sensitive skin









Clearasil toner helps to fight spots throughout the day







The Body shop provide a range of Toners for different skin types including their best selling vitamin E toner

So the last part of the basic Skin care trinity is the moisturizer, this was once described to me by a friend as your skins coat, just the same as a coat protects you from the elements when you go outside your moisturizer does that for your skin.

There are so many and a lot will depend on your skin type but here we just highlight a selection.

Clinique Dramatically Different Jelly is anti – pollution so as well as being a 24 hour hydrator it’s light weight and protects your skin from damaging pollution.

Its hard to believe something so light can be so moisturizing







Neutrogena Hydro boost comes in a Gel-Cream and a Water Gel both provide a powerful moisturizing effect without feeling heavy or clogging pores.

Once again Garnier have an effective low cost option, their rose water face cream is good staple addition to any daily routine.


Extra to the basic skin care of remove make up, cleanse, tone, moisturize, regular face masks can be a valuable addition to your weekly routine.

L’Oréal have a wide range of inexpensive clay masks and sugar scrubs. Depend which one you choose, regular use of face masks and scrubs can exfoliate, cleanse deeply and tighten pores, helping toward a bright, clear, even complexion.

They need to be left on for just 10 minutes so are perfect if you don’t have much time.  After using them your skin is visibly fresher and feels softer.



Garnier also have a comprehensive range of face masks.

In recent years the benefits of use of Vitamin C on your skin have been highly publicized, leading to a flood of vitamin C  serums and masks.

Like everything else there are plenty to choose from and a wide variation in cost as well, Liberex on Amazon is a reasonably price Vitamin C serum.

Personally I found this has brighten my skin and has reduced hyper-pigmentation caused by sun damage.





The serum is very light so it so it doesn’t feel like you are putting loads of layers on your skin, I use it morning and night underneath my moisturiser the result is total hydration without a heavy feel.

Since discovering the benefits of a proper skin care regime I have navigated my way through a winter without the usual “winter skin” issues.

It really is a case of getting  back what you put in, it wont take long but the results are really worth the effort.

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