Self Tan Salvation

Self Tan Salvation

It was the early 2000’s when I first tried fake tan, it was a friends wedding and I bought some self tan wipes. Que orange knees and elbows, stained hands and tell tale streaks.

Over the years I flirted with various fake tans and even sun beds. Sun beds however scared me so I only used them a few times before deciding they weren’t for me.

As for fake tans none of them actually did what they claimed or what I wanted. Gradual tan moisturizers were so subtle they barely showed at first, when they did show it would inevitably become apparent that I’d been missing the same spot for days, so yes you’ve guessed it, streaks.

The other thing about fake tans was the smell, there certainly was no possibility of tan and go. So that meant tanning at night which also meant stained sheets.

All these failed attempts meant that, as someone who tans fairly easily, I went back to tanning the natural (and dangerous) way, baking for hours in the sun. I kept this up until my 30’s when the damage finally started to catch up with me, as a result I started using high factors protection and reconsidering faking it.

At this point the only fake tan I’d managed any success with was the wash on wash off kind, mainly because it goes on so dark you can clearly see if you’ve missed any areas and if you get too much on anywhere you can wipe it off. The downside of this type of tan though is while its good for a special night out, once you shower its gone. So if you want to keep a 24 hour 7 day a week tan it will be time consuming.

Now you would of had to be living in a social media bubble to have missed Skinny Tan, at first I was skeptical a fake tan that doesn’t streak, smell or go orange? You know what they about something that sounds too good?

But after having seen plenty of adverts for Skinny Tan, as well as pictures of real life results, I started to think maybe it was time to revisit fake tanning.

As a Skinny Tan virgin the hardest part (actually of the whole process) was choosing which tan to try (there are so many)  so I enlisted the help of the Skinny Tan community on Facebook and asked which would be the best one to try if you’ve not used skinny tan before, I got a helpful reply suggesting Tan and Tone.

The gorgeous colour develops slowly and leaves your skin so soft.

I received several compliments on my colour, with everyone thinking it was a natural tan.






The oil is super moisturizing and goes on so easily and despite being an oil it isn’t in the slightest bit greasy.

I didn’t buy the mitt at first I just used disposable gloves but I didn’t have a single streak and no marks around my hands and ankles, although I did wipe them off with a flannel straight after.

Unbelievably even though the oil looks like it is going on clear it isn’t hard to get on evenly. It is also cleverly designed so as to be a spray but you wont find your bathroom walls covered in.

The colour develops slowly and it doesn’t need showering off,  so its ideal if your going out also your sheets are safe

So after the success of the Tan and Tone oil I next decided to try the Express.

 Enjoy ultimate control of your tan with the Express Mousse, 1,2,3 hour its up to you.








For the Express Mousse I decided to invest in the Tanning mitt and also the exfoliating/corrector mitt.

Both mitts were a wise investment, the dual tanning mitt helps the light mousse go on so easily, the water proof lining is an intelligent extra as it means your hands don’t get stained.

The mousse is a lovely light consistency and develops to a beautiful natural looking tan leaving your skin lovely and soft and because you can see the mousse it makes it really easy to apply evenly.

I did lightly moisturize my knees and elbows but I always do that and with other tans I have still been left with stains, not with the Express mousse. The only place I had a slightly darker colour was just at the crease in my arm and this is where the exfoliating mitt came into its own, using the corrector side I was able to remove the excess tan quickly and evenly.

Over all I’m deeply impressed and I can’t wait to try the other Skinny Tans. If your wanting a natural looking tan that seems to be fool proof to apply then its well worth the investment. The extra mitts while not essential are definitely worth buying as well.

My baking in the sun days are over I’m Skinny Tanning all the way x


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