Luscious Lashes

Luscious Lashes

“My life might not be perfect… but my lashes are”

Girls peering out from under long thick lashes are the envy of those who are do not have them.

For those not naturally blessed with lashes to die for there cosmetic counters are full of mascaras offering to provide the holy grail of lashes.

Ok so a good mascara can definiatly help give the appearance of longer thicker lashes but what about when the mascara is off?

Well one sure way to be able to peer out from under a curtain of lashes is to have lash extensions but at approximately £40 for a full set then about £25 every 3 weeks after to fill in they’re expensive. Then there is the fact that if left to long they can start to look untidy not to mention some find that they can also damage your natural lashes leaving you in a worse place than when you started.

So whats the answer?

Do not dispear lash serums work!

There are so many things on the market that promise the exceptional only to leave you disappointed and out of pocket but choose the right one and Lash serums are not one of them

There are lots of lash serums to choose from but here are two that we recommend, Grande Lash md and Nano Lash.

Both available from amazon they can start from about as little as £35 -£45 for a three month supply (a lot cheaper than extensions)

Grande Lash md

 “It’s amazing!!! My lashes are long and thick and everyone compliments me!”






Nano Lash

“my lashes… are to die for”






Simply apply a thin line at night and in about 3 weeks you’l l start to see the difference by the time you finish your 3 month supply your’ll never go back.

Both Grande Lash md and Nano Lash have been around a while and even the biggest skeptic would have to be impressed by the reviews. But in the world of lashes something rather exciting has just landed.

Maybelline have lead the way in affordable quality make up, with their extensive range of Mascaras they have years of experience in enhancing lashes well now they have turned their experience and attention not just to making lashes look better but actually being better with their new eyelash serum, Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Serum .

Available exclusively to Amazon Prime members at the moment its one of the best priced serums around.

If they know as much about serums as they do about mascaras this could be the new leading way to longer lashes.

For the perfect pair why not team with Maybelline Mascara Lash Sensational



And while we’re on mascara’s try Boots no7 Stay Perfect Mascara  This silicon based mascara coats your lashes because it doesn’t dry out it therefore helps to avoid breakages keeping those lovely long lashes , well, long.

Sweet dreams girls x

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