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Please remember that due to their terms they don’t legally have to honour the misprice, but you are asking for a gesture of good will on their part – If they were to provide something it would turn into a positive advert for their company 🙂

If you have like us been recently disappointed by Argos over their failure to honor the mispriced table and chair set below – Here’s what you can do…

Below is a link to the contact details for argos – They may offer something as a gesture of good will – They have provided compensation in the past for un-honoured misprices

Please comment below and let us know how you go on – Once one person gets some compensation it will help others to know what to realistically ask for 🙂 This way we can work together x

Things to focus your conversation on: –

.Mistakes happen and realistically they probably couldn’t honour all the orders but some token would help repair their public image

.The money is currently unavailable in your bank account until the refund goes through which seems very unfair

.They left the misprice up for hours after they had informed customers that it was a mistake  – Why were they still taking orders if they knew it was mispriced?

.Please leave other points that could help the negotiations in the comments below x x

All the best x x



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48 comments on “Contact Argos

  1. Joanne Richards on

    I have recently purchased the table and chairs they had on offer, to be told my order has been received, the money has been taken out of my account, I’ve heard nothing if they are going to cancel or issue a refund, it’s appalling how they can let people order even though it’s a mistake, they should still honour the item and just be aware next time something like this happens

  2. Maria lindsay on

    I purchased this item and now being told it was a mistake really don’t think this is good customers service you have taken money from my account. Not happy at all

  3. Mark Bailey on

    Dear Sir or or Madam

    I would like to say how disappointed i am that I shall not be receiving the table and chairs i purchased for home delivery from you.
    Yes I understand that errors happen but that is not a problem for the customer at the end of the day.
    Furthermore you send me a message on my phone saying that money won’t be taken yet i see that I am going to have to wait for the funds to appear back into my account.
    Can’t say that I’m impressed with the matter at all

    Regards M.Bailey

  4. Kven Terry on

    I personally think it is disgusting that Argos will not sell the item for the price stated at the time, I wanted a few of these for my new business and then just had them thrown back in my face, I shal no longer be shopping in Argos!

  5. Claire Hart on

    I paid for the table and chairs to receive a text 2 days later to say the order was cancelled, I wasn’t surprised in fairness but the website should not have allowed payment to be taken. They clearly knew that they would not honor the orders…. just think about how much interest they have made for the ‘up to 7 days’ it takes them to refund!!!

  6. Jan Morris on

    Very disappointed with your service, I received a confirmation e-mail and delivery date for this order for u to text me the next day saying ARGOS had made a mistake. You really should offer some form of compensation to your disgruntled customers….

  7. Carol kearney on

    I ordered and paid for these only to get a txt 2 days later stating there was a mistake and i will not be recieving them. I am disgusted as they should not take the money if they are not going to honour our agreement. Have contacted them but as yet heard nothing back

  8. Zoe preston on

    I ordered the table and chairs because me and my little family are desperate for one and we finally found one cheap enough fot us to buy. I got so excited to think we’d finally be able to sit at the table to eat. Dining tables are so expensive and unfortunately we cannot afford buying one. This is why im so annoyed im being told i havent got it. Its stupid really. Its not like i ordered more than one to make money. I ordered one cuz we desperately need one. They were quick enough to take the money but its a price glitch. Unhappy customer here argos!!!

  9. beckie walder on

    I ordered the table and chairs for £19.99 plus delivery and got a email confirmation with order no straight away. Then yesterday I got a text saying due to pricing error my order was cancelled and no money was taken yet it got taken straight after I ordered it and hasn’t been put back in my account.

  10. jon on

    many people phoned Argos and confirmed the price during the day, all were told it was correct, they should ot be changing their story after the fact.

  11. Liam on

    Bought the table and chairs from argos they said it was a price mistake they took my money ,sent me a text to cancel order and said they haven’t taken any money for item ,contacted bank it was taken same day ,think if they have taken peoples they should honour it .

  12. Stephanie barton on

    I’m really annoyed about this matter as I have had an email to confirm the order had gone threw and the money had been takin from my bank account which is all stated in the email. I have now been told my order has been cancelled and I have to wait 5 days for my money back I’m not happy at all as a customer I have three rights to have it at the price that was stated

  13. Leanne on

    I have spoken to Argos and explained about money taken etc and I got told that no we will not be compensated as the terms and conditions were accepted on purchase!

  14. Kelly trowman on

    I also ordered this item and they have taken the money out of my bank and I received a confirmation email saying my order was being processed and to track it to then revive a text saying its a pricing error and I won’t be receiving it.
    When we called them and asked what they were going to do about it the response was “absolutely nothing”

  15. Rachael Brown on

    Having ordered this item from Argos and had a confirmation email, i was very disappointed to receive a text message to inform me you was cancelling my order due to an error on your behalf. This is not what i call good customer service – the staff of Argos also informed many that this was the price and in return for our ongoing custom is not Argos honouring there mistake or issuing a gesture of good will but a text message. Im disgusted you think you can treat a customer this way.

  16. Hannah Clarke on

    I also ordered this, had a confirmation email and funds withdrawn from my account. Received a text, not email the next day in the afternoon saying that they were cancelling the order. Very disappointed and funds still not refunded. Where is link to complain please??

  17. Tarnya Beresford on

    I am going through hard times at the minute and decided to purchase the really nice black table and chairs, it actually cheered me up after being low for quite some time…. i get a confirmation email and the money taken from my bank (I am on low income but I felt like a bit of retail therapy, and treat myself, shame it’s all back fired and now I don’t even have my money available in my bank) very unsatisfied customer, appalling customer services, no contact just a text saying it hasn’t been honoured…. i will remember argos doesn’t do any good for depression and being low ….

  18. Donna morrissey on

    I’m really disappointed in argos I brought the table and chairs in good faith and they have took the money, and sent me a email confirmation!! Now they are saying it’s a mistake and we will be refunded I still haven’t been refunded absolutely disappointed in them don’t think I’ll be shopping there again after this

  19. Tracey Groom on

    Yes I also purchased then received a text message ..This is an important message from Argos. Unfortunately due to a pricing error we have had to cancel your order for the Elmdon Table & Chairs, order number ……………, catalogue number 2680370. This was a genuine error, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. No charge has been taken from your account for this order. If you would like to reorder this item please visit

    • Tracey Groom on

      Very disappointed they were quick enough to take the money out of my account and send me a confirmation email, not so quick to refund unfortunately.

  20. Claire on

    I also ordered this item and called today to be told it was a mistake and money would be refunded in 3/5 working days. No good will gesture offered and I would have thought it would have been courtesy to contact those that ordered with an apology and explanation. I only found out through social media and had to contact them.

  21. katie on

    In writing with regret to let you no that unless I desperately need something I will not be a customer at your store much longer, I spend lots in your store however after the mishap with the table and chairs in which a family member was desperate for one, I understand lots and lots of people have ordered and are in the same situation however it was a fault at your end not everyone else’s I ordered hours after being told and it still accepted me sent me an email confirmation and delivery email however I then received the text stating it was a fault and had been cancelled

  22. Gill miller on

    I recently bought the table and chairs from argos which as soon as I ordered it I got a conformation email saying I will be contacted to arrange a delivery date ( which I still have). I still have not received any confirmation that my order has been cancelled which other people have. I am guessing it has. Also why leave the product on your website for hours for other people to order. You must of noticed this within minutes of loads of orders for the same product being ordered but item price was not changed until the next morning. And as for a refund the money was took off my card straight away do why can’t I have a refund straight away. This was a fault of your doing not the customers.

  23. Tracey on

    They don’t have to honore the price unless the transaction is complete and money is taken form bank after that it is illigal for them to force a refund on u u are entitled to your goods

  24. Jasmine on

    I am so disappointed with Argos! Why send a message saying we are not getting the table and chairs but take my money and then send a ‘text’ apologising about there ”mistake’ and say they haven’t taken money when they have! So unhappy with Argos and would like more than an apology for this. If it’s there mistake they should Atleast give the people vouchers in order for there apology and for us to get a new table and chairs as I was looking forward to eating a family meal on our first table and chairs the price did seem to good to be true and then be let down!

  25. Claire spencer on

    I order this as well to be told my order was on its way! Then a rest to say sorry misprint on price! I brought this in good faith! Not happy that I have payed and not going to relieve this! Think argos should be made to deliver this to the customers! I for one will NOT use argos again if this is the case!

  26. Rita on

    I bought the table and chairs at the price advertised on Argos website in good faith, the funds were withdrawn from my account, only to be informed by text that my order was cancelled, due to an error on their part, I feel that as a gesture of goodwill Argos should honour their mistake…integrity and all that…!!!
    Customers should be able to know they are a company to rely on, who puts customer service above profit making, not a charleton who draws them in by offering goods at a low price then withdrawing the offer saying “sorry made a mistake”

  27. Claire on

    You all clearly knew it was a price glitch, they ain’t gonna sell a £200 table and chair set for £20. Always worth trying to buy it but you can’t complain when they actually refund you and say it was a mistake, if they honoured every glitch they would be out of business.

  28. lorraine on

    Very disappointed in Argos purchased online a table and 4 chairs order went through and the money was taken from my account straight away .
    Just received email saying that it was a misprint and that I had not been charged WRONG ARGOS !! you have my money sitting in your account somewhere earning you a nice bit of interest along with all the other money you have taken , not even a goodwill gesture from ARGOS shame on you !!!

  29. Lynda Phillips on

    I am extremely disappointed in argos. Misprint in price????? I purchased 3 tables one for myself and other 2 for family members. Yous took my money, and a day later yous txt sayin yous can’t go ahead with order due to price error. YOUS STILL HAVE MY MONEY!!!! NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER AT ALL.

  30. Marie on

    I think it’s very onfair to have received an email to say that my order went through then the following day another email saying it was cancelled because of their mistake and that was that.No good will at all from Argos, what about costumer rights? Very dissapointed..

    • Karen on

      My father placed an order for the table said order went through an payment was taken got an email next day saying that it was a misprint an money wud b refunded still waitin on it

  31. Gemma on

    If everyone would of kept shhhh about it and Not of contacted Argos then they wouldn’t of been any wiser 2 the mistake till they realised there stock was down, 2 many people contacted them 2 ask if it was a mistake ect so make Argos look in 2 it

  32. Sasha Poultney on

    I think it’s appalling that they mis lead everyone including me into thinking we were getting it at that price and to then get told I can’t have it at that price. I received confirmation and then a little while later get told it was a mistake, I think it’s very unfair and should have got checked before posting the wrong price in the first place.

  33. stacey fay on

    To whom it nay concern,

    I have waited along time to be able to afford a table an chairs so my family can sit down and have a nice family meal together, when I seen ur amazing deal on a table and chairs set I was overjoyed as I had enough money in my bank to purchase it as I hadn’t got to do my weekly food shopping yet so I went for it! In fact I also ordered one for my mother too, I paid for 2 sets plus delivery charge I received my confirmation and was over joyex at the thought of sitting down with my partner and kids for dinner in 5 days time to our first meal round a table at home since I’d lived here! I was then very disappointed to receive an email the next day telling me YOU had made a pricing mistake and I’d not be receiving my tables an chairs nor would my mother as ud repriced it and wasn’t going to honour the purchase I’d made. I understand you’d b at a loss but sure that isn’t the fault of your customers? U relie on your customers far and wide rich and poor to collectively make you the successful store that you are, now I no this item was still priced the same throughout that whole day and I also know the money for this puchasd was extracted from my account yet I’m now having to also wait days for it to be returned to me! Its a very huge shame as I believed that such a well known and successful retail outlet would be allowing such disappointment and unagreeable behaviour to cause so many people customers to have to consider whether they should or will be continuing to spend our moneys in such a unapologetic company that obviously do not take any such responsibility for their own mistakes! What ever happened to the customer is always right! Anyway it clears you care not for your customers nor there lives styles only how much money u can make! Perhaps this was a scam anyway ” put it up for one price people order and then I say you made a mistake an now offer the customers ( yes us the reason u all get paid) the right to but at new price? See how many people u can just get to spend more money now!

  34. Keren morphew on

    Unfair thought I was getting a good deal I’ve had issues with argos over Xmas I reserved Xmas presents when I travelled 6 miles to collect it wasn’t there.a member of staff said staff must of stolen it happens often if staff see something they want.i contacted argos and never even got a sorry.

  35. Sarah on

    I’m so disappointed to learn that the table & chairs won’t be being delivered die a pricing error. I think it’s appalling that Argos won’t honour their own advertising error!! I’m a single mum & when I had my delivery confirmation I advertised my old table & chairs on a free site & now I have no where for myself & family to eat?!? What do Argos expect me to do now? Compensation or a alternative needs to be offered


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